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Marrying early?

There's  a saying that goes:

Women wont stop worrying until they get married.

And on the contrary:

Men will start worrying after they marry.

C'est la vie.

Kids' War

I'm usually very fond of kids.

But when they start acting nonsense;

Imma forced to treat 'em like germs.

Dispose, dispose those diapers bottomed!


Define friend:

Apersonattachedtoanotherbyfeelingsofaffectionor personal regard.
What difference does it make if true was added to it?
There wasn't a guide on making friends.
Maybe there is on communicating with dummies.
Not friends.

My Daddy

Dad's birthday's next week!AH! I almost forgot.

And so Dad's the Great Man.

This is the man who claimed that he--

gave birth to me.

This very man gave up changing my diapers;

says women are difficult to handle,

when I was a mere baby.

Picture to burn

Been somewhere you hate?

Ah. Such word I used.

It's back to the things you wish to do and things you wish to know.

Okay so I'm close to blaming Facebook.

Why the see friendship button?