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Hopes and such

Being with you is like waking up to dawn at sea,
Some days are like finding hair in your butt,
While some days...
Let's just say it's like being hit by tsunami.

This is not a beautiful relationship.

Like my life,
I spend more time in a bad place than I do in a good place.
Since it gets me where I am today,
I wouldn't regret a thing.

I got through bad days
I got through good days
But none of that without you.

I don't spend so much time bragging about you
(Which is fine)
My friends probably think you're a bad partner,
Or they would think we don't love each other;
because I spend so much time gushing over hot celebs.

Some days I admit,
I want to tell the world how deeply grateful I am for you.
It's impossible to write down the things we went through but ok

I am hoping
If God is to give me bad news,
He'll keep me being content,
Just as I am now.

I am hoping somehow,
Somewhere among the stars,
It is you written for me.

Chasing your dreams

I would avoid this topic at all cost when asked.
But how long can you really run?
Recently, I've been hit with questions and remarks that I find unpleasant to talk about. If you happen to know me personally, You'll understand what I mean. (Not that I like opening up)
An old friend actually asked, "What are you planning to do with your life?" Then he continued, "Oh wait your job just reminded me you won't be able to do much." "I don't think you'll ever grow staying in that environment your whole life." "I guess you'll be stuck there for the rest of your life."
There are a lot of things to consider before saying that: 1) You have money 2) You have money 3) You have a lot of money
So why impose your life on other people when you know that not a lot of people can afford what you can?
Personally, I've always been envious of the wealthy. They could practically buy their way through education; 1) Go to prestigious schools/co…

An Open Love Letter

Hearing your laughter is like placing ice packs on a bad sore.
It feels real.
It feels good.

Ironically, we aren't always like that.
We disagree on a lot of things.
Food, movies, food, timing.
And you know,
More food.

Some days you act like acid on wounds;
Really mean, almost brutal.
Haha I don't mean violence.
Truthfully I get reminded a lot for those days.

It's okay, though.
Sometimes we lose ourselves,
We don't know where we're headed.
I'm just grateful to be wherever you are.

That sums up our relationship;
It's not perfect but it feels right.
Tell me more good things in the future.
I'll be looking forward to that.

P/s: Please don't try to touch my pimples so you can name it after yourself.

Dear (whatever) boyfriend

I know,
When you realized you're in fact falling for me,
You'll think I'm the one
That there is absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Well you're wrong.
Everything is wrong with me.
Please don't think I'm a great person.
In few years time I will be your greatest disappointment.

You know what the best thing is?
This is the truth.
I am going to tell you the truth before you regret dating me.

I'm a child,
I whine, I cry a lot.
You'll probably give me a lot of love at first.
You'll hate me in few months time.

You'll think I'm funny, perfect, adorable,
Boy, over time
I promise you will change your mind.

When you date me do know that
I'll be emotionally dependent on you.
I'll cry on your shoulder a lot.
Don't get sick of me.

It's the one thing I can never change.

I'm really sensitive.
Not extremely, but really.
Two different words there.

When you date me,
Know that I will love you with all I have
It will be sincere.


Picture us in the rain
Hand in hand
Taking synchronous steps
Towards our shelter

You kept me warm
While you freeze
You played strong
When I feel you shiver

You were the very thing
I took for granted

But know this;
Without you
Life is an aimless wander
Through endless seas

So take my hand
Together in the rain
We make our way
Towards a lifetime