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Officially 22!

Well, nothing much have changed.
My bed is still messy.
Last I checked,
I'm still with the same guy.

Improved my makeup skills though.
Lost some friends,
Gained new ones.

And weight?
Let's not talk about that.

On the last days of my 21 years,
I joined a dancing competition.
Practised pretty hard.
(Overestimated the possible weight loss too)

Got some life advice from mum,
Not that I haven't been considering.
I love you mum.

And dad,
For always trying to make my day the best.
I love you too.

Then a boyfriend
Who tries so freaking hard to make it happen.
Yes he did,
In strange ways, he did.
For that I thank you.
I must've put some pressure on you.

So that's life, as it is.

Happy birthday, self.
I hope one day you'll make yourself proud.