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This is for you

You fill in the hole in my heart.

Maybe I was so used to losing all this time,
You make feel like I'm winning for the first time.

I've known it for awhile now;
You're irreplaceable.

And this is for you.

I know you're at your lowest.
I know you're thinking;
"It's impossible to go on."

Just remember,
My hands are for you to hold.

Don't fight this alone.
No matter how rough things get,
I will never give up on you.

I know this because,
Nobody can ever replace the loss
If ever I lose you.

After You

What was happiness before you came?
I find through rain and sad songs.

After you,
It's been sunshine and storm,
But never alone.

And I am grateful.

The way your hand fits mine,
The way our fingers intertwined;
It was a steady hold.

It was that storm that hit us,
In ways we didn't think,
We were naked;

A hand that reaches out,
Without a hand to hold;
It was not long until it rains and sad songs.

Now I stand alone again.

Find me where it rains,
I'd take the same road with you,
Even for a thousand years,
I'd do it all again.

I'd still choose you.