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It's everybody's first word;
simple, meaningful--
and my world.

I'm having a serious fear of my mother leaving
somewhere I couldn't reach her.
It's a normal thing to be worrying about your child.
is it that normal to be worrying about your mother?

I admit;
I dislike having her far away from me.
I could be as protective as she is with me.
Despite the fights,
the arguments,
the misunderstandings,
she is whom I need most.

I'm not sure if that's what you regard as being a mama's girl.

These two night's been killing me.
Let's just say I didn't have a good sleep.

I kissed her while she sleeps.
She doesn't need to know.
I'm shy :3

I love having her at home.
I don't mind being a thousand miles from her;
because so long she's home,
she's safe.

Two weeks,
will she be away.
I'll prolly get mama-sick.
I wish she doesn't have to go :(

Come home safe,
I'm counting down the days.

This post is dedicated…

What your parents mean when...

What your parents actually mean when it comes to...

1. Cleaning yourself:

Mum: Go shower and scrub all over that filthy germs on your skin!
Dad: Just change your shirt, honey.

2. Eating:

Mum: Don't eat those fat skin layer. You wont wanna end up like me.
Dad: Screw choices, eat EVERYTHING.

3. Relationship:

Mum: You have to be careful in choosing your partner.
Dad: Date everyone you can!

4. Doing it on your own:

Mum: I don't wanna be responsible if you were to take that risk! (in a there's-no-effing-way-you'll-be-out-of-the-house kinda tone)
Dad: You can have the car anytime sayang.

5. Living on your own:

Mum: Do you think you'll survive living on your own when these simple house chores cant even be done? (in a god-knows-what'll-happen-to-you-without-me tone)
Dad: Enjoy your early adult life, son.

6. Clothes:

Mum: What piece of shit is that you're wearing?
Dad: Maybe you need some more accessories.

7. Love:

Mum: There's no such thing as love (glares at Dad)


So let's face it. Everyone hates.
I'm hating the land-mower sound. It's messing with whatever my brain is telling me to do. That's why we go to the library right? ... that's not the point. Point is, that doesn't make me a hater. Just terribly annoyed.
Before I move my ass to drive, here's a thing everyone hates but still is one: Haters.
I had a night thinking about it while dealing with my super paranoid friend; the Luq.
He's a professional stalker. That's what he claims he is.
Anyway, I meant to say some things are better off not known. Things that irritate you especially when you find out someone is talking about you ... in an unpleasing way.
From my optimistic kind of view, I'd say that's somehow their way of unprofessional criticism. Although you can still improve based on what's bad about you. From my pessimistic kind of view... It's not very good at all. That they should just deal with it no matter what. Or that maybe I should d…

First Love

It's been awhile, yeah.

Hi y'all.
Um, this is kinda awkward to start.
If you know what I mean.

Now if you'd kindly recall how your first love was like;
or how you imagined it to be,
what was it like?

I don't have much clue about first love;
While some claimed they knew it coming.

Certainly first love isn't theoretical,
not determined by those quotes you found on Twitter.
No, not at all.

I hope to understand what first love is when I'm 60.
If I get to live that long, of course.
Because by then, you went through all the possible relationships.
I'd be really grateful if I don't have to go through much.
I'm content with the current one.

This morning my mum was mentioning some things.
Go for the guy who wouldn't have the gut to hurt you
she says.
Don't fall too hard.

Whatever it is,
I'm sure first love isn't the first person you date,
or the first person you liked.
I'd expect it to be unforgettable,