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If it's meant to be, it will be

1716 days with you.
Who would've thought we got this far?

I've been getting a lot of questions lately.
Of course,
It didn't make me too happy being asked.
You know,
That obligatory 20-something question.

Let's be honest,
Whoever is certain about their future?
I'm learning to be okay with it.

I have to be reminded,
Not everything has to be a competition.

Baby steps.

We'll get there eventually right?

The Last Time

When was the last time
I hear certainty in your voice?

"You deserve someone better"
I heard you say.

It felt strange
Staring at you
With the same affection.

When was the last time
You looked at me
And felt glad?

When was the last time
You thought of me
And felt love?

I managed
With all my might,


You're a secret I kept
Far from truth.

I was afraid,
For I fell deeper,

They say with it,
Comes a price.

But I was a better liar;
I did not heed.

Heartbreak after heartbreak
I begin to realize

Even when you made him the world
You cant make someone love you.

Thank you

Your heartbeat fluttered
The moment I placed my head
On your chest

It tickles,
You said.

I hear your hearty laugh,
Those short breaths in between,
Struggling to keep still.

Thank you,
I breathed.

We laid still on the field,
In the gentle blowing breeze.

From the corners of my eyes,
I watched you carve a smile.

Set me free

There lived this boy
In her heart,

He speaks of freedom
He speaks of courage
As she looks at him
With only so much love

He was kind
He was loved
And he too,
Had returned it

"Set me free"
He said one day

There lived this boy
In her heart,
She felt it stopped
As he goes away.

Friend A

I really like you."

Inside her,
It felt like spring.

The flowers blossomed,
The petals pink.


She heard him say it
To someone else.


I once wrote a book.

In those pages,
I wrote about hope
I wrote about you.

I found it again
Buried in dusts
After years of hiding.

I remember now.

In those pages,
I wrote about your eyes
I wrote about your lips.

It was your touch
I long for
Above all.

If again, I find myself
Knocking on your door
Will you let me in?


I'm the girl
You held
You comfort
You mend

Still I pushed
A little more
Until you find yourself
In the corner

I'm sorry
I didn't mean to
But you cant fix
What's already broken

I do
I do love you
More than I

Will you let me stay?
In your embrace
Be it bright or gloomy day

Because in your arms
That's where I let myself sink in
And you?

You're my anchor.

One day

One day
You'll miss the way he looked at you
When he walks ahead, turns back
And ask,
"Aren't you coming?"

You smiled and took his hand,
Inside you knew
"He would never let go."

For a while you insisted.

Smiles and laughter,
Shouts and cries;
You took what was less of him,
You took all of it.

And in that moment
He was all of you.

He went,
After a while
Somewhere between those cries
You cannot remember.

The wound in you
Heals but in time
Tearing all that's left of you.

It was that moment
You realized,

You lost yourself.