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Asian mothers

You know you're an Asian when your mum's be like:
Sick Me         : *coughs a little*
Mum     : (footsteps from three rooms away) Why are you coughing? Go take your medicine! You’re not going anywhere until you get better.
When crossing the road Mum     : Be careful when you cross the road. Call me when you reach the other side sayang *watched from across*
Me         : *crosses the road*
Mum     : *calls* WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME! You could’ve died!
Going on a trip with friends Mum     : Be sure to pack your bags. Don’t forget your bras and panties else you’ll get itchy recycling them. Bring your panadol along in case you got sick. Did you get your pads inside? Why are you bringing so many pairs of pants? Where’s your umbrella? Don’t even think of wearing this skirt young lady! You’re not going anywhere without your water bottle. Don’t go to clubs or I’ll decapitate your limbs.
Me         : …
Going swimming Me         : Ma can I go for a swim?
Mum     : No, you’ll drown and die.


I wanted to write;
That it didn't feel right.
I couldn't. I couldn't.
I knew it wasn't a doubt, to begin with.
Maybe I took time; Maybe I never did.
For awhile; I did not know how. To handle myself, my shame, my guilt. 
The guilt of letting yourself wander In someone else's arms.
I held none to it, your promises. They were bluffs only I knew.
A small part of me hoped That you'd prove me wrong. But you didn't.
You didn't.

Ten years from now

Have you ever wondered about what happens ten years from now?

Will you fall in love?
Will you finally be noticed?
Will you be a good employee?
Will you earn well?

I'd leave out the latter two.
Clashes with the theme y'know.

For 21 years of my life, most things seem to stay the same.
I'm still as invisible as I was.

I like home.
I love my room.
I like things the way they are;
my books at the side of the table,
my clothes being everywhere,
my undergarments in place (not that it mattered).

These little things (nope this isn't 1D) make you feel somewhat familiar.
For the same reason, you find it difficult to adjust with the slightest change.
It all depends on how well you take it.

Ten years from now;
you'd wonder who first made you giddy inside,
who first held your hands,
whoever made you think about them around the clock,
whoever broke your heart.

You'd prolly laugh or cry or both;
frustrated or happy that things happened the way it's supposed to.
You'd pro…

Things girls (possibly) talk about in class

OMG I’ve this dream that this guy has abs. I think God is trying to tell me to start thinking about how to name them.Check out his behind! Don’t you find them surprisingly round… and solid?*whispers loudly* DID YOU SEE HOW SHE WALKS?! *demo*"How can I tell her that her panty is sort of stuck between her buttocks?" "I think she has no money to buy her thongs. GASP." #uglytruthSh*t. Act normal. I think she caught me eyeing her clothes.Do you know Henry Golding? No? YOU DON’T DESERVE LIVING IN BORNEO. *gtfo**fans self* I saw those heels online and it only costs RM33.46 with 62 cents of shipping fees!Yknow, I saw the same chocolate for like 0.09 cents cheaper at the shop near my home.I mean, I’m not trying to exaggerate—HOMAGAD is that moustache I see? GET RID OF IT.I wish I was a model with nice boobs and long legs… yeah… no I’ll just live my banana life.Ewwww you’re eating food with trans fat!“She’s so pretty!” “I know right!” *awkward silence*What I don’t understand…