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Friend A

I really like you."

Inside her,
It felt like spring.

The flowers blossomed,
The petals pink.


She heard him say it
To someone else.


I once wrote a book.

In those pages,
I wrote about hope
I wrote about you.

I found it again
Buried in dusts
After years of hiding.

I remember now.

In those pages,
I wrote about your eyes
I wrote about your lips.

It was your touch
I long for
Above all.

If again, I find myself
Knocking on your door
Will you let me in?


I'm the girl
You held
You comfort
You mend

Still I pushed
A little more
Until you find yourself
In the corner

I'm sorry
I didn't mean to
But you cant fix
What's already broken

I do
I do love you
More than I

Will you let me stay?
In your embrace
Be it bright or gloomy day

Because in your arms
That's where I let myself sink in
And you?

You're my anchor.