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Things girls (possibly) talk about in class

OMG I’ve this dream that this guy has abs. I think God is trying to tell me to start thinking about how to name them.Check out his behind! Don’t you find them surprisingly round… and solid?*whispers loudly* DID YOU SEE HOW SHE WALKS?! *demo*"How can I tell her that her panty is sort of stuck between her buttocks?" "I think she has no money to buy her thongs. GASP." #uglytruthSh*t. Act normal. I think she caught me eyeing her clothes.Do you know Henry Golding? No? YOU DON’T DESERVE LIVING IN BORNEO. *gtfo**fans self* I saw those heels online and it only costs RM33.46 with 62 cents of shipping fees!Yknow, I saw the same chocolate for like 0.09 cents cheaper at the shop near my home.I mean, I’m not trying to exaggerate—HOMAGAD is that moustache I see? GET RID OF IT.I wish I was a model with nice boobs and long legs… yeah… no I’ll just live my banana life.Ewwww you’re eating food with trans fat!“She’s so pretty!” “I know right!” *awkward silence*What I don’t understand…