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An Open Love Letter

Hearing your laughter is like placing ice packs on a bad sore.
It feels real.
It feels good.

Ironically, we aren't always like that.
We disagree on a lot of things.
Food, movies, food, timing.
And you know,
More food.

Some days you act like acid on wounds;
Really mean, almost brutal.
Haha I don't mean violence.
Truthfully I get reminded a lot for those days.

It's okay, though.
Sometimes we lose ourselves,
We don't know where we're headed.
I'm just grateful to be wherever you are.

That sums up our relationship;
It's not perfect but it feels right.
Tell me more good things in the future.
I'll be looking forward to that.

P/s: Please don't try to touch my pimples so you can name it after yourself.