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Believe me,
I always get emotional when I blog.
And when I do,
the outcome would be pleasing.

Tonight's entry was inspired by fools.
I mean under-knowledge people.
You know I'm nice :3
... conditionally.

I came across some posts on two
very, very famous social networks.
It triggered my anger.

Behold Malaysians!
Don't be so tuut thinking Sarawak
is only a huge chunk of virgin forest.
Which subject in school taught you that?
Fine, it's Geography.

Sarawakians don't live on trees la people.
Be rational can ah?
How you think I can blog on trees?
It's not like I can submit it online without typing.
Otherwise I'd be writing with a cow's penis

If we are that behind,
how can we sit for exams?
Prolly we cant read if we live on trees.
We'd be speaking the squirrels' language,
signing each other to jump and fly.
We could beat the Japanese suicide rate.

Sarawak is like any part of the world.
We're just blessed w…

Double Standard

WARNING: If you are dead sensitive to slight poking, DO NOT read.

Did you hear that message on gender equality?

Good for you my readers.
Things are about to go spicy!

There's been feminists talks among guys;
as there are double standard talks among women.

We call it,
The Third World Mentality.

it is not a form of mental retardation.
Neither it is a health condition.
It's just foreign,
and foreign it shall remain...

And so,
begin this story as how my dad strongly opposed of me
becoming a committed doctor.
Yes, despite sending me off to a medical school.
This, I failed to understand.
I have come to asked him why.

he thinks I shouldn't work so hard
and focus on my future children.

He may be right.
May be.
I really cant blame him.
I know my plans.

This thing about knowledge...
Knowledge could be anything and of any form.
If you still think women shouldn't be educated,
you must be living with corpses from 1800s.

Due to this,
it's been told to m…