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So Malaysians lah

This is going to be rojak.
Bear with me a post :)
Now, what about you that is SO Malaysian ah? Have you guys thought of it?
One of the great trademarks of Malaysian is this: Rojak English. I personally find them very interesting. They might sound like a bit of chunks from various slangs la. Sometimes they sound rude, but also right. "Oi woman why you jalan terkangkang?" See what I meant? However, it's generally accepted by us. "Oh ma gad I forgot my homework dibah the table!"
Guys, some of you might need a translator for that ._.
Thus, this has lead to the socializing of different races. Ain't that great? Now the Chinese and Indians won't've problems understanding the Bumis.
"Why wont this work teacher? I try so banyak kali. It wont gerak!" Science class in Form 2.
"Cikgu yang ini tak ada nama writer ka?" 20 cents per English word in BM class. True story.
This might have been a culture for us. I don't really think this abuses English. In fact, it bring…


The Other Road

I was thinking for a night; reflecting on things I did while I live.

So I thought;
What if my life were to change? What if I took the other road?

I suppose a change or two wont hurt.

Nevertheless, a whole change is too much to risk for.

Then took the other, as just as fair,And having perhaps the better claim,Because it was grassy and wanted wear;Though as for that the passing thereHad worn them really about the same,(Robert Frost,1920)
I've been in this comfort zone for years. Towards this second, I find that hard to keep.

I wanted to give up; but I never did.

I never really did.

I was afraid to face the outcomes.

And truth is, I never had visions.

Despite the absence,
I managed to land on smooth grass.

Then I learned that wasn't enough;
I wanted more.

Perhaps no one saw to it.


WARNING: This is going to be a long essay.

2011; like every other year has its own joys and regrets.

I had an awesome year. I got what I wanted and I thank Allah for that. WELL, not exactly all... Need highlights?
I got into ze' medical school. Yes of course I still can't get over the fact that it wasn't really my choice but hey it's good.I met some long-lost friends.I make more friends. I think.A supreme visit to ze' USS!Awesome awesome job being an LO.There was a period when I learned the meaning of being at the bottom of life.Some changes.Losing weight and gaining them :\Screwing up and doing it more. I got ze' SCHOLARSHIP!Being a chicken and ze' slave.A lot of chasings took place.I got my licence BUT le me isn't allowed to drive.Bad, bad PMS.THE GREATEST ASASI year. EVER. Bet everyone's jealous of that :PIf I could turn back time I'd choose to relive the days I spent being worry-free, do careless, reckless things and live it like any normal t…