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Happy Twenty-two

Hey you

Happy twenty-two ❤️
Another year where we couldn't celebrate you on time
Don't be sad that you have nothing to look forward to yet

It's gonna be a celebration in another 35 hours
I'll make sure of that.

I'm sorry for singing your birthday song in tears
I guess it was an impending frustration over my exam
(Partly for coming this far)

But hey,
We did good right?

I still find myself thinking
The same thought I had on that day,
On this very day,
Two years ago.

I haven't wrote in a long time,
At least for you.
So I made sure the first after a long time is this.

Here's to us,
For all the years and cheers together.
Let's hang out for a lifetime
With thumb and feet fights.

Thank you for being one of the best things in my life.