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Asian mothers

You know you're an Asian when your mum's be like:
Sick Me         : *coughs a little*
Mum     : (footsteps from three rooms away) Why are you coughing? Go take your medicine! You’re not going anywhere until you get better.
When crossing the road Mum     : Be careful when you cross the road. Call me when you reach the other side sayang *watched from across*
Me         : *crosses the road*
Mum     : *calls* WHY DIDN’T YOU CALL ME! You could’ve died!
Going on a trip with friends Mum     : Be sure to pack your bags. Don’t forget your bras and panties else you’ll get itchy recycling them. Bring your panadol along in case you got sick. Did you get your pads inside? Why are you bringing so many pairs of pants? Where’s your umbrella? Don’t even think of wearing this skirt young lady! You’re not going anywhere without your water bottle. Don’t go to clubs or I’ll decapitate your limbs.
Me         : …
Going swimming Me         : Ma can I go for a swim?
Mum     : No, you’ll drown and die.