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Muhamad Qaedi bin Edanan

Happy Twenty Darling :)

Sure I've missed a few days from the Day
but I write according to my feelings ;)
I have actually made you a video (sorta);
I decided to keep it to myself for awhile.
You wouldn't mind that right?

Treat it as a surprise which never worked out.

Don't mind the title.
He fussed about having it spelled right.
I capitalized the Q this time.

Now lemme tell you my story.

Thanks for this awesome 21 months together
... so far.
Maybe you should start doing the bucket list
for us to do before it all disappears.
Just saying.

I'd like to apologize for the burden I caused,
all the fights, all the cries,
all the anger.
I'd like to thank you very much
for always always being there for me.
Whenever I need you :)

This for the awesome advice you gave,
almost without fail.
Although you did fuss a bit about me being stubborn
*shoots self*

This too for the mistakes I never meant,
or did in purpose to make you jealous.
For the times I never…

Asasi moments part II

Thus, the hashtags.

I've to do a public apologize to my followers
for spamming your timelines
with my so-called moments.

Despite having Asasi ended nearly two years ago,
I'd like to bring back those memories.

This post I dedicate to my girls...
Thank you for being apart something
so memorable in my life.

There were times of hate and dislikes,
we call it the Oprah session;
where complains and whining goes all around the room.
It's almost like a religious chanting session,
sitting in a circle on the floor.
And when everyone gets tired,
it's like burnt smoked sausages curling on the floor.

Let me introduce you the blanket stealer.
She's invisible but everybody knows her.
Meet Hanani.
The girl with lion hair knocking on your door
and gone the next second.
Bet you've heard of that mystery :P
It's the mystery that haunts AB66 for a year.
Crap, my hair just stood.
she wakes the opposite side on where she initially sleeps.
A hundred eighty degree, peop…