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Hopes and such

Being with you is like waking up to dawn at sea,
Some days are like finding hair in your butt,
While some days...
Let's just say it's like being hit by tsunami.

This is not a beautiful relationship.

Like my life,
I spend more time in a bad place than I do in a good place.
Since it gets me where I am today,
I wouldn't regret a thing.

I got through bad days
I got through good days
But none of that without you.

I don't spend so much time bragging about you
(Which is fine)
My friends probably think you're a bad partner,
Or they would think we don't love each other;
because I spend so much time gushing over hot celebs.

Some days I admit,
I want to tell the world how deeply grateful I am for you.
It's impossible to write down the things we went through but ok

I am hoping
If God is to give me bad news,
He'll keep me being content,
Just as I am now.

I am hoping somehow,
Somewhere among the stars,
It is you written for me.