Double Standard

WARNING: If you are dead sensitive to slight poking, DO NOT read.

Did you hear that message on gender equality?

Good for you my readers.
Things are about to go spicy!

There's been feminists talks among guys;
as there are double standard talks among women.

We call it,
The Third World Mentality.

it is not a form of mental retardation.
Neither it is a health condition.
It's just foreign,
and foreign it shall remain...

And so,
begin this story as how my dad strongly opposed of me
becoming a committed doctor.
Yes, despite sending me off to a medical school.
This, I failed to understand.
I have come to asked him why.

he thinks I shouldn't work so hard
and focus on my future children.

He may be right.
May be.
I really cant blame him.
I know my plans.

This thing about knowledge...
Knowledge could be anything and of any form.
If you still think women shouldn't be educated,
you must be living with corpses from 1800s.

Due to this,
it's been told to many generations that
women belong in the kitchen.
You're not effing serious.

Women are as capable as men are,
I don't understand why we are still labeled as such.
We aren't encouraged to pursue far
because "later no one wants to marry you".

Later God gives you stupid wife also don't want.
Independent wife also don't want.
Ugly wife also don't want.
So what la you want?
Hmf, shame on you!
Go make your own babies.

Modern world on the other hand,
defines to which extent women should know.
Given a topic.
Do you know sex education is widely taught all over the world?
Don't tell me women shouldn't be educated about this.
That is an advantage men get to have
when women are as dumb about sexual harassment.
This is a sad case.

Haiya, some men got this thing on their head.

"Eeee why she know so much about dirty stuff one? She so slut ah."
"Aiyo, you're a girl la. Where got you should know about these things."
"Who taught you these?" *slaps*
"You so pervert la woman! Stay away from me!"
"How dare you know how babies are made!" *unsubscribes Discovery Channel*

The last one is a little exaggerating.
But really.
It is generally accepted when guys are having their dirty guys talk.
Girls just don't bother.
Unless it's their boobs you commented on.

Another thing that Vic successfully pointed out.
When a guy gets to date many girls,
he's merely labelled as being a playguy playboy.
Still girls are all over him, right?
when a girl dates many guys;
all she gets is being a whore/slut.
Pardon my language.
NO dudes, your lock and key theory does not apply to dating/relationship.

This is unfairism!
Such word does not exist.

Cerise also did herself a good theory:
Men love sex. Scandals with nuns = awesome fiction book. Scandals with priest = HEADLINE

Does it hurt to let women know as much as men can?
God made us fairly, along with this world.
If we gain,
we gain together.

As much of a feminist I am,
I believe men are born wiser than women.
They take more responsible
and make good leaders :)
I have my own reasons to believe in that.

this is the end of my rant.
I welcome your comments.


  1. At last... ada juak org yg sama pendapat ngn aku... hahaha.... GO GIRL!!


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