Asasi moments part II

Thus, the hashtags.

I've to do a public apologize to my followers
for spamming your timelines
with my so-called moments.

Despite having Asasi ended nearly two years ago,
I'd like to bring back those memories.

This post I dedicate to my girls...
Thank you for being apart something
so memorable in my life.

There were times of hate and dislikes,
we call it the Oprah session;
where complains and whining goes all around the room.
It's almost like a religious chanting session,
sitting in a circle on the floor.
And when everyone gets tired,
it's like burnt smoked sausages curling on the floor.

Let me introduce you the blanket stealer.
She's invisible but everybody knows her.
Meet Hanani.
The girl with lion hair knocking on your door
and gone the next second.
Bet you've heard of that mystery :P
It's the mystery that haunts AB66 for a year.
Crap, my hair just stood.
she wakes the opposite side on where she initially sleeps.
A hundred eighty degree, people.
She's also amused with the "kamah" word.
She abused her wedges and paranoid of her ass.

Meet the calm, funny, sort of perverted Sharah.
Every "Relax lah, exam esok" has got to come from her.
She seem to always gets her nose bleeding,
which is when she stays up for...
Haha. Let her complete this.
This a great partner for late night bus rides,
heart-to-heart talk, and spontaneous jokes
I don't even know what I laughed at.
Everybody's best friend she is.
A dreamer, daring girl.
She's got a look of a baby kenyang.
Her everyday routine would be listening to emo songs
and get everyone in the room affected with them.
It really was contagious.

Now this, my bed partner.
The kindest sleeping partner to not have moved
the whole night of sleep.
She wakes like a plank knocked on the corner.
90 degrees sharp. Man!
It startled me in the beginning.
She's a sister with kicap to eat our half-boiled egg with.
Her bed is never not messy,
books and papers all spread out
and constantly over-worrying about her exams.
She loves stalking as much as I love watching people.
She gets lost in her world,
startling at every noise made by me,
and that made us both a coward.
Meet Sonia.

This one, mind you, she's a little evil.
She sneaks your towel in the middle of the shower.
She's sort of the head of department of splashing water
over the cubicle's ceiling.
She has really high-pitched voice
and is phobic of spiders.
With Sharah, it gets worse as finding a cockroach in the drawer.
Meet Nellie;
the terrific screamer.
they moved in to our room for two days and two nights
after that malang incident.

We used to pull our mattress together and squeeze in five;
due to fear of scaring each other while on bed.
AB66 was our second library.
It's a zoo of books and papers,
a center-point for late night talks and supper,
midnight strolls and singing,
ngesep-ing and borrowing.

Apollo chicken and extra fries,
to missing fries and fat complains.
It didn't conclude us,
but that's really how it is.

Tank showers if you recall;
was a great big group of kain batik girls,
surely accompanied by screaming and shouting.
There was a certain time the water decided to die
and bailed on girls who desperately need water.
The more I talk, the more I reveal.

For a great conclusion (it is to be continued),
I had a great ending for my joyous year.
Just this time,
he isn't my girl.

This is for a future record,
to cater for future laugh and future smiles :)
I miss you, truly.

To be continued...


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