Chasing your dreams

I would avoid this topic at all cost when asked.
But how long can you really run?

I've been hit with questions and remarks that I find unpleasant to talk about.
If you happen to know me personally,
You'll understand what I mean.
(Not that I like opening up)

An old friend actually asked,
"What are you planning to do with your life?"
Then he continued,
"Oh wait your job just reminded me you won't be able to do much."
"I don't think you'll ever grow staying in that environment your whole life."
"I guess you'll be stuck there for the rest of your life."

There are a lot of things to consider before saying that:
1) You have money
2) You have money
3) You have a lot of money

So why impose your life on other people when you know that not a lot of people can afford what you can?

Personally, I've always been envious of the wealthy.
They could practically buy their way through education;
1) Go to prestigious schools/college/universities
2) Not having to be bounded by scholarships
3) No bonds to worry about
4) They get to do whatever the hell they want with their life
5) Because they can
6) In some cases you can even buy friends

A commoner's life like mine however,
1) Expenditures shit expensive
2) Limited scholarship hue hue
3) Hella expensive fees (for my standard la c'mon)
4) Food
5) More food
6) Cannot afford travelling because food

Makes you wonder how different life will turn out to be if you're wealthier.

It's going to be cheesy if I start posting my bucket list here.
And I realise there will be things I may not be able to afford,
Like, ever.
That will never stop me from dreaming though.

I guess it will happen in time,
Maybe when God works His magic.

In God's will,
even the impossible can be possible ;)
You just gotta believe.


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