This room is historical.


I spent a year in this mini zoo;

hearing all sorts of noise from the respective neighbours.

Roaches were one of them.

Long story.


Every room comes with a mate. Right?

I had mine gifted :3

I've known her forever.

Practically that's not true but it does the trick.

With her I learned to be protective.

I put up with her nonsense and absent-mindedness.

She's a kid. (You're forgiven)

I liked giving her a scare :D

This very room too;

taught me, feed me, hid me.

Have you seen us in study week?

Even a cow could lose its way in.

Ask Farah.

She's reluctant to step in.

CAIS was never a use till recently.

Due to some unavoidable reasons :P

Don't fear for knocks in midnight;

That's Hanani.

Don't fear screams in the mornings;

That's Nellie.

Don't fear laughters at nights;

That's Natasha.

If you saw a girl coming your way, weeping;

That's most of the time Sharah.

Other times?


And if you hear someone asking you who you are;

Don't fear.

Sonia hasn't changed.

She just forgotten I lived with her.


  1. awwwwh....this is sad and sweet at the same time....what a memory....not to forget hillarious...hahaha...:)


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