Dear Girlfriend

Dear future Girlfriend,

If things doesn't work out between us;

and that he chooses you;

always remember this...

He's never a morning person.

He's a hypersomniac.

Morning messages are as important to him.

He likes being pampered with words.

A hug would make him feel better.

He's a nearly hardcore gamer;

don't take it hard that he gets his time off.

He likes meat no matter what you say.

He likes women who cooks.

He's a sensitive lad.

He cries easily if you wont listen.

So listen.

He likes attention.

He likes doing things his way.

Don't be a mother.

He doesn't like to be smothered.

Don't mess with his hair.

He can do weird finger gestures.

Well, don't freak out.

He's afraid of bugs;

and some insects too.

Don't tell him to get fat.

Take him as he is.

He's hardly a fan of football games.

He wants to marry a happy girl.

His bent backbone is sexy.

He's an unexplained fan of belacan.

He likes spicy food.

I'm not sure if teppanyaki is.

He's very kind.

You don't have to doubt him.

He's fatalistic.

That doesn't mean he'll die from it.

He recites the Quran well.

He'd usually deny that but live with it.

He's flexible too.

Remind him to shave.

Or shower for that matter.

As much as he wants to be with you;

he wants your being most.

He makes wonderful, wonderful poems.

He takes your feelings seriously.

Oh and...

In case you forgotten;

you've the boy I wanted my whole life.

Thank Allah you had him.


his girlfriend today.


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