There are lies you cannot forgive—
Not in a million apology.

You’ve seen how people fussed about it.
Facebook status is a constant victim.
They’ve been whining, complaining.
All for the same cause: betrayal.
A blind man wouldn’t have noticed that.

How much does it take to win your trust?
It would’ve been shaky with some winds.
Truths then create tornadoes;
Breaking the rigid bonds you build.

I might’ve been hyperbolic there.
There was a reason I put forth trust
above everything in my life.

Without trust,
anyone could be a stranger.

That anger hasn't left;
knowing how easy it was to believe
and be cheated to.

I thought it wouldn't hold.
What's worth to tolerate
when I'm wronged not once?

Trust is gained, not given simply.
Cause once you lose ‘em,
It takes more than effort
To bring it back.

You liar bro?


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