10 great ways to be (happily) miserable

Discover these great ways to be (happily) miserable! While you're rolling on bed, crying and kicking...

  1. Help yourself with some toilet rolls. Roll em around you and bam! A Malaysian mummy. You'll eventually shut up.
  2. Print the actual size cardboard piece of the Salvatore brothers. Now kiss. I mean, make them kiss.
  3. If you have a pet cat, try to make it stay between your boobs. Force it. If it doesn't, that means your boobs ain't big enough *flipshair*
  4. Don't eat for 48 hours. You are now eligible to enroll for Miss Universe... for the anorexic.
  5. Count your toe nails. If it isn't eleven, count again.
  6. Poke your nose with two fingers. Then you can start telling everyone you just made two holes with one poke.
  7. Pluck one eyelash. Place it on your shirt. Now someone is missing you.
  8. Shave your head. Regret. Repeat on every misery. P/s: Miley seems to be happy.
  9. Introduce yourself the James Bond style. "I'm Poo. Stinky Poo."
  10. Crawl into a hole. Rot. Before you die, think of the chocolates you could have ate while you're alive.


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