I wanted to write;
That it didn't feel right.

I couldn't.
I couldn't.

I knew it wasn't a doubt,
to begin with.

Maybe I took time;
Maybe I never did.

For awhile;
I did not know how.
To handle myself,
my shame,
my guilt. 

The guilt of letting yourself wander
In someone else's arms.

I held none to it,
your promises.
They were bluffs
only I knew.

A small part of me hoped
That you'd prove me wrong.
But you didn't.

You didn't.

Now leave.
Let time heal,
And give its best to me.

While you, my love;
You stood there,
Watching over me.

When it was time,
You reached for my hands;
Said "you'll be fine"
And held me still.

This time,
I let myself believe.


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