Dear (whatever) boyfriend

I know,
When you realized you're in fact falling for me,
You'll think I'm the one
That there is absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Well you're wrong.
Everything is wrong with me.
Please don't think I'm a great person.
In few years time I will be your greatest disappointment.

You know what the best thing is?
This is the truth.
I am going to tell you the truth before you regret dating me.

I'm a child,
I whine, I cry a lot.
You'll probably give me a lot of love at first.
You'll hate me in few months time.

You'll think I'm funny, perfect, adorable,
Boy, over time
I promise you will change your mind.

When you date me do know that
I'll be emotionally dependent on you.
I'll cry on your shoulder a lot.
Don't get sick of me.

It's the one thing I can never change.

I'm really sensitive.
Not extremely, but really.
Two different words there.

When you date me,
Know that I will love you with all I have
It will be sincere.
It will be great.

Be warned,
I am very, very caring
To the extent that
You might find me smothering
Five bucks bet,
You'll tell me to fuck off.

Men often take their health for granted.
I just don't want you to die on me.

You will also find that I don't give up easily.
That's right bitch,
I'll fight for you.

I hope,
Whoever you are,
You will love me for my imperfections
Before you love me for what I am.

I hope,
You will not regret having me in your life.
I am flawed, afterall.

I will make your life worth while.



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