Today I had my answers.

One I’ve been waiting and expecting.

Another left questioned over the years.

Satisfied? I could not tell.

One I have expected hit me.

Because what I assumed would happen, really came true.

No, it’s really not what you quite anticipate.

It’s not worth to woe over too.

The other mentions this particular person.

Probably one I did not spoke to for many months.

And that I have not mentioned for years.

I started it all with a question.

Clear and bold.


It felt weird bringing a matter of 3 years today.

He had it calm and controlled.

A boy I knew he was.

He never changed.

Claimed he was not to marry.


 I had that idea once.

Another boy changed that out of me.

He went for her.

And I was right, all along.

I should try out for weather forecasting next time.

Wish me luck.


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