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End (Part I)

Pack pack and pack!

Did everyone hurry home?

Why so soon?

Why so… excited?

The exits wont run.

There I was. Watching packing things and fretting.

It’s already time to leave.

And I wasn’t ready.

Exams were over for how it felt like years.

Is it?

Nay. Only for a day it’s been. Only a decade since I slept. HAHA.

I’m SO not funny. Just LOL with me. Like seriously.

Pathetic -.-

Juicy GOSSIPS unheard?

I’ve some of mine too.

Pretty unsure when to leak out the bomb.

But I did anyways. Umph.

To all; I miss you much. To you milord, I miss you most.
The ‘no-mores’:
  1. Sneaking out of dorm at dusk.
  2. Awesome bus-rides.
  3. Waking up for 5pm-dinners.
  4. Watching Sonia as she sleeps.
  5. Watching Sonia as she wakes up.
  6. Midnight strolls :)
  7. Sneaking out of dorm at dusk.
  8. Oprah sessions with the girls?
  9. Waking up at 3am to brush my teeth.
  10. Sonia’s and Hanani’s sleepwalks. They are KIDS.
  11. Naggings (it IS pluralized for some known reasons).
  12. Crazy joker time.
  13. Ditching studies over movies.
  14. My dorm bed :( so comfy.
  15. The quiet days without ze’ nachural alarmz.
  16. Outings D:
  17. Dates :3
Forever the list remains.

Shall we not be another intersection line, shall we be parallel, till we reach infinity.

Farewell my friends.


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