Kids' War

I'm usually very fond of kids.

But when they start acting nonsense;

Imma forced to treat 'em like germs.

Dispose, dispose those diapers bottomed!

So begin my story as a young adult;

Nursing every kid with attention.

This one kid I met;

from the very first look!

I knew--

I knew he was a traitor.

Yes, kiddo.

Between you and me,

stand only the KFC's chicky meal.

Sighs, I'm no longer eligible for those toys.

He came to me with that sunshine face.

I was a fool to be lured into his trap.

I asked of his ASL.

He became demanding the next second.

Kids today wants to be asked for moar.

So we fought over the thingy that stands.

Idk what is it called; that thingy(?)

He broke the thingy into half.

Oh yes, he was coming back for more.

He grabbed another thingy like that.

I grabbed it too.

Began the chase of a lady (that's me) and the devil (the kid).

He wont give up to get what he wants.

I wont evaaahhhh let him break another.


I was right.

Don't underestimate the power of this lady!

He couldn't reach it.

He did practically but nah.

He cried stomping to his mother;

demanding for the thingy that stands.

I told him before:

Me: Kamek padah ngan mama kamek.

Kid: Gitauk la!

Dang I feel like drowning him in the fish pond.

Any act of violence is not allowed.

I called for my mama.

I made him cry.

He hit me with the broken thingy.

Countless times.

I'm a good kid.

I treat kids right.

With every manner I have.

So no violence was ever intended,

Making him cry was enough.

I felt a surge of satisfaction.

Yes, I had won this war.


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