Raya in kampung

Raya is always fun.

This year Granny got her new house done.


Raya this time is a hit.

Hot cousins. Hot new clothes.

No eye candies on sight :<

Limbang is small.

That sort of contributes to ze' cause.

I celebrated only the first two days.

Two days filled with nonsense.

Not to forget confusions.

Ani anak si Numah ka?
Yang ani si Saby?

Despite a thousand explanations;

They never got us right.

No we did not get switched -.-

I bet you heard about that facial inheritance.

Basar basar sudah anakmu ni By.

Acknowledged for the bigger size.

Aku ada anak bujang 3 urang di rumah bha.
Mauku kan bawa berjumpa ih.

Errr, matched to some random relatives?

I wish we did more visitings.

Except for Talib Blues xD

Raya moments:

  1. Queuing up for toilet vacancy till 11pm.
  2. Sharing toilet with 2 other cousins.
  3. Posing at every angle of the wall.
  4. Hearing accidental farts and make dunnos.
  5. Shocking sights: Uncle stripping to his underwear.
  6. Kissing Darwish. Cute kid.
  7. Tapau-ing chocolates at every big house.
  8. Finishing jars of cookies :D
Mum's family was happening.

Mati haing badanku ani.

ROFL. I had to laugh.

No one questioned of the peculiar smell in that small house.

Everyone knew it's the elders.

How was yours?

Happy Raya all!


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