So let's face it.
Everyone hates.

I'm hating the land-mower sound.
It's messing with whatever my brain is telling me to do.
That's why we go to the library right?
... that's not the point.
Point is,
that doesn't make me a hater.
Just terribly annoyed.

Before I move my ass to drive,
here's a thing everyone hates but still is one:

I had a night thinking about it
while dealing with my super paranoid friend;
the Luq.

He's a professional stalker.
That's what he claims he is.

I meant to say some things are better off not known.
Things that irritate you especially
when you find out someone is talking about you
... in an unpleasing way.

From my optimistic kind of view,
I'd say that's somehow their way of unprofessional criticism.
Although you can still improve based on what's bad about you.
From my pessimistic kind of view...
It's not very good at all.
That they should just deal with it no matter what.
Or that maybe I should disappear from their lives
and take up mourning as my primary job.

But honestly,
you cant possibly stop everyone from talking about you.
That's why words slipped.
That's why people get hurt.
Sort of a verbal accident.

I've been through some things.
Where haters just hate you for reasons you don't know of.
It's stressing.
Don't even try to understand.
You'd fail miserably.
I'm only mean and evil to my little brother.
He's phobic of my tongue. Hehe.

And those things that triggers the hate
are really simple things.
It could be because you talk too much,
maybe through how you act or how you dress,
the person you date,
or even for being smart in everything.
Unless if you're a bitch then I cant really back you up here.

Thing is,
people look out for your flaws.

A simple act is enough to show hate.
If you hate, ignore.
Don't add problems to what you already have.
Then again,
abusing the "ignorance is bliss" wont work.
If you commit mistakes,
apologize sincerely.

Don't try too hard.
Someone told me
adding too much sugar in your drinks will only spoil it.
Being nice has limits too.

People just hate you.
Which one is it?
Could it be my face or my freaking hot ass?

who are we to impress everyone?


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