What your parents mean when...

What your parents actually mean when it comes to...

1. Cleaning yourself:

Mum: Go shower and scrub all over that filthy germs on your skin!
Dad: Just change your shirt, honey.

2. Eating:

Mum: Don't eat those fat skin layer. You wont wanna end up like me.
Dad: Screw choices, eat EVERYTHING.

3. Relationship:

Mum: You have to be careful in choosing your partner.
Dad: Date everyone you can!

4. Doing it on your own:

Mum: I don't wanna be responsible if you were to take that risk! (in a there's-no-effing-way-you'll-be-out-of-the-house kinda tone)
Dad: You can have the car anytime sayang.

5. Living on your own:

Mum: Do you think you'll survive living on your own when these simple house chores cant even be done? (in a god-knows-what'll-happen-to-you-without-me tone)
Dad: Enjoy your early adult life, son.

6. Clothes:

Mum: What piece of shit is that you're wearing?
Dad: Maybe you need some more accessories.

7. Love:

Mum: There's no such thing as love (glares at Dad)
Dad: Well, love is always blind (smirks at Mum)

8. Body shape:

Mum: Just look at how skinny you are! What have you been eating?
Dad: You need to do some exercise.

9. Studies/grades:

Mum: Didn't you see that kid? Everyone seems better than you.
Dad: A pass is great!

10. Marriage:

Mum: You're never marrying early.
Dad: Don't stay single for long. Those eggs wont stay fresh forever honey.

11. Life, as it is generally:

Mum: There's no such thing as losing in life. You never tried hard, never tried enough.
Dad: Well son, sometimes we just gotta lose.

And these, everything as above proves how North and South my parents can be. Strongly attracted to each other, but thoroughly different in perceptive and acceptance.

How can I live without them?


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