First Love

It's been awhile, yeah.

Hi y'all.
Um, this is kinda awkward to start.
If you know what I mean.

Now if you'd kindly recall how your first love was like;
or how you imagined it to be,
what was it like?

I don't have much clue about first love;
While some claimed they knew it coming.

Certainly first love isn't theoretical,
not determined by those quotes you found on Twitter.
No, not at all.

I hope to understand what first love is when I'm 60.
If I get to live that long, of course.
Because by then, you went through all the possible relationships.
I'd be really grateful if I don't have to go through much.
I'm content with the current one.

This morning my mum was mentioning some things.
Go for the guy who wouldn't have the gut to hurt you
she says.
Don't fall too hard.

Whatever it is,
I'm sure first love isn't the first person you date,
or the first person you liked.
I'd expect it to be unforgettable,
after a LONG time.

People confuse love with infatuation lah.

At this age, when a dude blurted out that
you're in every way his first love,
you don't go believin' him missy.

This isn't an age for guys' maturity.

While girls are now are already thinking to marry,
guys are worried about how much they earn to buy their game.
I mean, they are predictable.
It's a fact.

being my most manipulative self,
I'd say I'd probably understand if this isn't my first love.
Does this come with a concept?
I'm a lost bunny :B

First love or not, it doesn't matter.
It's enough if he loves you the way you are.
Don't fight for something in which existence is to doubt.
It's no big deal.

Well these are just my opinions based on how my boyfriend acts.
I don't think he'll go against this one.
Right baby?
Haha jk.
Nope I'm still serious.

I must mention my huge celebrity crush is Zac Levi :3


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